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At Nurture Search we have seen how bringing the right people together can transform an organisation. We see educators (teachers, childminders, nannies, and early years professionals) invigorating learning and promoting inquisitiveness in the children they work with. We have also come to hear these educators stating the need for a "reaction, indeed for a revolt" with regards to our education system as a whole.

With more and more teachers leaving the profession we are perhaps seeing such a revolt in action. But what about an education system for all children - that trusts in children and in the teachers guiding them? Nurture Search is a coming together of like-minded individuals who believe in such a system. We hope that you will join us along the way as we seek out those schools, organisations and educators who are working towards a "a better way" for the good of our society.



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Nurture Search have jobs that aren't posted on any other site. The range of progressive organisations is exciting and fills me with hope for the future of education! I found my dream teaching job and the only way this opportunity would have happened for me is through Nurture Search.

-Arianne T.




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